Be the Best Version Of You!

How Can You Help Me

Understanding identity is everything. Education is Empowerment which can usher in Hope for a better brighter tomorrow. You are the answer.

How Can You Help My Romantic Partner

The only person I can help is YOU and you are worth it!

Why Do I Struggle In Relationships

 There are many reasons why individuals struggle in relationships. At its core in most cases, can be generational patterns or childhood abuse.

How Long Are The Sessions

 Sessions are 45 minutes,

How Can I Connect With You

There are several different ways to personalize your coaching experience. Your choices are:  Telephonic-ally, Zoom, Whats App or In Person.

How Much Does JM Life Coach Cost

Introductory Pricing starts at $30 for Youth 16 to 21 and $55.00 for ages 22 and up.

JM Life Coaching For Relationships

Janet Marie

Founder and CEO Janet Marie Napper is enthusiastic about empowering youth, young ladies, and women into VICTORY from life’s disappointments so they can experience and enjoy personal and professional relationships. Janet's life from an orphan to overcoming the effects of neglect, disappointment, and pain, can lead those who take courage into a new season that allows peace, joy, hope and eventual VICTORY from the past.

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